Are your an organized group of farmers keen on tapping into the lucrative Nairobi food Market? You are welcome to sell your produce from the Nairobi Farmers' Association centre behind coffee plaza, adjacent to Marikiti Farmers market. We provide ample parking for buyers and sellers and sufficient storage for unsold goods. You can also supply quality farm inputs, tools and equipment at very cheap prices. We assist in both short and long distance deliveries across East and Central Africa.

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Engoho Kuku Farmer  has a demo farm in Bungoma (Khachone village) on which it is practiced, farming of improved Kienyeji Chicken; ducks; Sweet potatoes; bee keeping; Essential oils (mint, lemongrass, rosemary, eucalyptus); fruits (mango, citrus, gooseberry, apple, macadamia, etc.) and indigenous vegetables. It is at this farm that we:

1. Offer free training to farmers and farm workers.

The trainings are carried out in collaboration with other supportive professionals and institutions like Vets, NGOs, etc. Those interested in being trained and or supporting interested farmers are welcome contact us.

2.    Offer Internships, Attachment and Placement
This is done in collaboration with training institutions to give opportunities to college students and fresh graduates to gain practical experiences. The fresh graduates are usually recommended for employment whenever a potential employer comes along. Only the competent and disciplined graduates are recommended. Employers interested in competent employees are welcome contact us.
3.    Buying farm produce & Extension services
Engoho Kuku Farmer  works with organized trained farmers by providing extension support . Engoho then buys the produce from these farmers at very competitive prices. The keyvalue chains include poultry, sweet potato, tomato, onion, green maize, sugarcane, cabbage, sukuma wiki, irish potato, banana, etc.

Engoho also advises new and aspiring farmers on proper Planning, farm Design, Construction/ SET UP, Staffing, Automation, farm management, marketing, etc. 

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