We provide a range products and services to farmers who are keen to embrace technology and modern farming practices.

About Us

Our core area of specialization is poultry farming but we also have a range products in pig, rabbit, fish and horticulture farming.

We support farmers by providing them with services that enhance the viability of their businesses through farm automation, capacity development, cost cutting, consultancy, extension services, etc.

Our Products

Our products include Automatic drinkers, Egg Incubators, Feed Making machinery, Brooding systems, Battery Cages. In addition, we have a Demo farm to train farmers and supply Kienyeji Chicken, Eggs and Meat.

Egg Incubators

An Egg Incubator should be well calibrated and set at required parameters needed by eggs for proper growth. These parameters include:

a) Temperature

b) Egg turning and positioning

c) Humidity

Other important conditions are: Proper Hygiene and Ventilation (Fresh Air).Egg Incubators come in different sizes, each with unique features and specification as indicated.

We supply incubators of various sizes as per your needs

Chicken Cages

Cages should be installed in a well ventilated house.

Ensure that the materials are of good quality and installation is done by an experienced technician

Automatic Drinkers

Birds need constant access to sufficient, clean water for optimum bird growth and efficiency.

Providing water to birds is one of the most strenuous and time consuming tasks on a poultry farm. Thus Automation of the poultry drinking system tremendously reduces labor requirements.

Use of Automatic drinkers ensures that the birds are healthier; low Mortality, condemnations and medication costs.

Bacterial contamination of the birds’ drinking water is greatly decreased and litter conditions are usually much improved. Automatic drinkers allow access to water on demand and do not need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Depending on the farmer’s specific needs, Engoho Kuku Farmer supplies and installs automatic drinking systems like:

           a. Automatic Chick drinkers

          b. Automatic Bell drinkers

          c. Automatic Nipple drinkers

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