Birds need constant access to sufficient, clean water for optimum bird growth and efficiency. Thus providing water to birds is one of the most strenuous and time consuming tasks on a poultry farm. Automation of the poultry drinking system tremendously reduces labor. Use of Automatic drinkers ensures that the birds are healthier; low Mortality, condemnations and medication costs. Bacterial contamination of the birds’ drinking water is greatly decreased and litter conditions are usually much improved. Automatic drinkers allow access to water on demand and do not need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently. Depending on the farmer’s specific needs, Engoho Kuku Farmer supplies and installs automatic drinking systems like:

a. Automatic Chick drinkers

b. Automatic Bell drinkers

c. Automatic Nipple drinkers


Brooding helps prevent chilling. Chilled chicks do not take sufficient feeds and water leading to retardation in growth; inability to digest the yolk thus Mortality. Maintaining the required brooder Temperature is critical but very hard using conventional heat sources like Charcoal, firewood, kerosene, electricity, etc.

Engoho kuku farmer supplies and installs Automatic gas brooders to save the time, labour and cost of brooder heating.


Humidity and Temperature are the most critical factors in mushroom farming. Engoho Kuku Farmer Automates Mushroom farm houses by installing systems to control and maintain these parameters.