Engoho Kuku farmer helps in sourcing from quality agribusiness equipment and machinery on behalf of clients. We have established networks with manufacturers and suppliers in India, China, Turkey, Vietnam, Japan, Italy, USA, Etc. We import on your behalf; deliver to your doorstep; and assist in installation and or maintenance.

We only source goods from suppliers whose goods are of ascertained Quality. The goods are consolidated with other orders to cut down on logistical costs. The shipments are usually on Monthly basis. The most imported goods include:

a) Agricultural machinery

b) Egg Incubators

c) Chicken Battery Cages

d) Drip Irrigation systems

e) Green Houses

f) Feed Making Machinery

g) Value addition machinery, etc.

We save our Clients from the risks of fraud, poor quality products, and many others associated with importation and lack of knowledge on product specifications, warranty , etc