Farmers who have less than 100 chicks; experience irregular supply of electricity; live where charcoal is expensive; and those in rural areas have registered difficulties in consistently warming chicks, which in return increases their mortality rates. The good thing is, there are other different ways of warming chicks in the brooder. One of these methods is using hot water in a plastic container/ Jerican. Shared below are the steps needed to successfully warm chicks using this method.

- Boil 20 litres of water.

- Place it inside a plastic container.

- Wrap the container in a blanket or clothing. ( This is to prevent burning chicks and reduce the rate of heat loss)

- Ensure that the brooder is well-enclosed and the top can be covered(such as a big carton box ) to reduce the rate of heat loss.

- Change the water every six hours.

- A 20-litre plastic container can brood 50-100 chicks.

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