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How to use an egg incubator

The egg incubators are very simple to use and have the advantage that allows hatching eggs without relying on the chicken, so you can incubate more eggs at the same time and accelerate the process of reproduction and sale of the product if it

What do you want?

Generally, these types of equipment are used in farms where there are laying hens and factories that are dedicated to the sale of poultry products.

The incubators can be obtained in specialized stores at a very good purchase price, you can usually buy some selected models on sale and save a lot of money.

In the market there are many models of automatic egg incubators, this allows the user to select and buy the one that best suits their needs, in the same way, prices can vary depending on the model and brand of product.

Depending on the equipment selected for purchase, the operation will vary, since each has a user manual and instructions that must be followed for the artificial incubator to last longer and in optimal conditions.

However, here you will know the basic characteristics of an egg incubator and how to use it properly to preserve your investment.

How Egg Incubator is used

📷The first step you have to do when purchasing the incubator is to read the instructions and the user manual since not all of them work the same and can be completely automated or manual.

If it is a manual incubator, the user is responsible for modifying the temperatures and turning the eggs whenever necessary to have satisfactory results.

⭐ Sterilize the Incubator

Subsequently, the equipment must be sterilized, this step is very important and depending on the level of neatness that is had when handling the eggs and the incubator will be born more chicks.

Additionally, you have to add water in the area intended for this purpose and adjust the temperature. This step must be done at least 24 hours before the eggs are introduced into the incubator.

If it is a manual incubator, the eggs must be marked before getting into the equipment so that afterward, the sequence that is taken when turning them around is not forgotten and everyone is in the same direction.

If you have purchased an industrial incubator for a poultry farm, this step is not necessary because these equipment do the rotation automatically.

⭐ Periodic incubator review

At least every 24 hours, the temperature and humidity level inside the incubator should be checked to ensure that it remains with the selected values.

In addition, each egg must be rotated at least 3 times a day.

You must wait between 7 and 10 days after the chicken has laid the egg to put it in the incubator, and you must make sure that everyone is in that range so that the maturation is the same.

It is normal that when entering the eggs the internal temperature decreases a little, but you should not worry or recalibrate the values ​​because the temperature will progressively reach the one you had selected.

With the passing of the days you can see which eggs have rotted or cracked, to which you have happened this you must remove them.


Based on a small incubator, do not try to introduce new eggs into these empty spaces because at this point in the incubation it is not recommended, you should expect that all the chicks have been born to start a new round of incubation.

⭐ Check the Eggs

After 10 days of incubation, the eggs should also be removed which, when seen in the light, do not show signs that the embryo has grown.

You must stop turning the eggs when there are 5 or 3 days left until the average incubation time ends (in 21-day-old chickens) and the birth or hatching occurs, and increase the incubator's internal humidity up to 70%.

To help increase humidity, more water should also be added to the respective tray.

Then we only have to wait for the chickens to start breaking the shell and at that time it is important that the ventilation is increased by opening the windows that are on the sides of the incubator.

⭐ Clean all waste from the Incubator

When removing the chicks from the incubator you must clean everything very well, remove the shells and any other waste that has been left.

Buying an incubator is undoubtedly a great investment because it speeds up the development of embryos. In our store, you can get a wide variety of models with prices that adapt to all financial possibilities.

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