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The animal weight tape is used to measure the heart girth (the distance around the animal's chest directly behind the front legs) as well as the body length. Its basically used to estimate the weight of livestock animals such as pigs, cattle,horses and goats in kilograms.

It is a crucial aspect for farmers because it defines the amount of food ration that should be supplied to the animal to avoid underfeeding or overfeeding; the medication dosage; the approximate market value of the live animal before sale; and the animal's weaning period.

The tape is multipurpose, so a farmer can use it to weigh pigs (dead weight), beef cattle (live weight), and dairy cattle (living weight). Its a simple and essential farm item that is easily available and easy to use. One side is printed in CM, while the other is printed in KGS (in both English and French).

The animal's body weight can be determined by referring to the animal's perimeter and the associated weight. However, in order to get the most exact weight with the tape, the farmer should measure the length from shoulder to tail head, height from shoulder, and heart girth (the distance across the animal's chest directly behind the animal from front legs).

Benefits of having an animal weight tape on the farm and knowing the weight of your livestock animals include

1.Animals' reproductive efficiency and growth performance can be assessed.

2. Determining the animal's health status.

Animal weight loss, for example, can indicate bad health and vice versa.

3. Determining the proper dose of medicine to treat animal ailments in order to avoid under dosing or overdose.

4. To avoid underfeeding or overfeeding, determine the correct amount of feed required.

5. Using the market price, calculate the potential worth of the live animal.

6. Determining when the young animals should be weaned.

7. Analyze the acquired data and analyze the performance graph to anticipate the calves' growth.

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