Engoho Kuku farmer is a multi-sector agribusiness company; leading in Supply of Agricultural and Livestock Equipment; Offering Support services to farmers; practicing Fruits and Kienyeji Chicken Farming; and distribution select farm products like chicken meat, coconuts, fruits, rice, sugar cane, etc. We source our products from reliable and certified suppliers through long term partnerships.

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E 128 Eggs Incubator


  • PRICE: KSH 27,000

  • Egg Capacity: 128 Eggs

  • Uses both Solar & Electricity

  • Fully Automatic 



E 128 Layers Cages

  • Capacity: 128 hens

  • A type cage with 4 tiers

  • Free delivery, installation and after sales support


Automatic Bell Drinkers

  • They ensure consistent supply of sufficient water.

  • Reduced labor, Mortality, condemnations and medication costs 

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Kienyeji Chicken


Our Chicken are well bred. We have both Improved and Indigenous Kienyeji Chicken.

From 1 Day old Chicks to Mature Chicken

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