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Chicken Transport Crate

Chicken Transport Crate

Chicken transport crates serve as indispensable tools in the poultry industry, guaranteeing the safe and secure movement of chickens. With the right crate choice and adherence to best practices, transporting chickens becomes efficient while maintaining their well-being.

Engoho Kuku Farmer supplies quality poultry transport crates. A wide selection is available, ranging from various sizes to materials, ensuring a suitable option for any transportation requirement.

At Engoho Kuku Farmers, we supply Poultry Transporting crates that can carry live chicken from 2 weeks old up to mature ones. The crate has top side sliding door for opening when putting chicken. The crate’s dimension measurements are 77cm x 55 cm x 27 cm.


Our Transport Crates have many advantages: High and low temperature resistance; easy to clean; dustproof; can be stacked together during transportation; has adequate ventilation, suitable for long-distance transport of broilers; durable; economical prices; long lifespan or more than 5 years.

When it comes to transporting poultry, utilizing purpose-built chicken transport crates becomes paramount for ensuring the welfare and safety of the birds throughout the journey. Whether it's for commercial poultry farming or individual transportation needs, these crates play a pivotal role in maintaining the well-being of chickens.

Why Choose Chicken Transport Crates?

1. Safety First: Chicken transport crates are specifically designed to provide adequate ventilation, space, and security to prevent injuries and stress among the birds during transit.

2. Optimal Comfort: These crates offer a comfortable environment for chickens, reducing agitation and ensuring they arrive at their destination in good health.

3. Durability and Convenience: Crafted from durable materials like plastic or wood, these crates withstand various weather conditions and frequent use. Moreover, they are often stackable, making them space-efficient during storage and transportation.

Variety and Functionality

From DIY options to ready-made solutions available for sale, there's a wide array of chicken transport crates suited for different needs. DIY enthusiasts can find plans and guidance on building their crates, while commercial options like those at Tractor Supply offer professional-grade crates for sale.

Choosing the Right Crate

Factors such as crate size, material, and the number of chickens being transported are crucial in selecting the appropriate crate. Professionals can guide buyers on the best crate size for the number of chickens, ensuring adequate space without overcrowding.

Best Practices for Transporting Chickens

Transporting chickens involves specific protocols to guarantee their safety. Proper handling, suitable crates, and avoiding cardboard boxes are among the essential practices to ensure a stress-free journey for the birds

    Ksh6,500.00 Regular Price
    Ksh5,500.00Sale Price
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