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Feed Pellet Making Machine

Feed Pellet Making Machine

The benefits of using pelleted feeds instead of mash feeds are tremendous. They include:

  • improved feed conversion.
  • No dust in the animal houses
  • Minimal wastage due to spillage, etc.
  • Reduced storage space
  • Balanced feed nutritional content since animals cannot sort feeds
  • Reduced risk of hay belly

Feed pellets can be made for many different animals including chicken pellet feeds, duck feed pellets, pig pellet feed, fish pellet feeds, sheep feed pellets, goat feed pellets, cattle feed pellets, etc.

Animal feed pellets can be made from many different materials including grass, grains, beans, bran, wheat, legumes, nuts, oil producing plants, dried meat, fodder, feed additives/ premixes, etc. These ingredients are often mixed as per the nutritional needs of the animals. Feed additives include micro nutrients like vitamins, minerals, chemical preservatives, and many more.

Performance of animals like cattle fed of feed pellets improves tremendously since the pelleted food is easily absorbed.

Engoho Kuku Farmer supplies high quality feed pellet machines of various production capacities. The smallest can produce 100kgs of pelleted feed per hour. We have both types of feed pellet machines that are either diesel or electric powered.

It can produce 150 kg of pellets per hour. We offer both diesel- and electric-powered pellet machines.

The feed pellet machine has different dies to produce various sizes of pellets from 2.5 to 6 mm. 3 mm is the most common size for chicken feed pellets.


  • Powder feed RAW MATERIALS do not require additional water before pelletizing.
  •  You can swap the feed pellet mill die to produce various diameters/ sizes of feed pellets.
  • The pelletizing process is done under high temperatures and pressure that can kill various parasite ovum and germs hence reducing risk of digestive disorders.
  • The pellet machines is affordable, has Low power consumption and long lifespan.
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