Engoho Kuku Farmer offers free monthly training to poultry farmers and farm workers. This is to help increase their chances of success. The training are carried out in collaboration with other supportive professionals and institutions like Vets, NGOs, etc. Those interested in being trained and or supporting interested farmers are welcome contact us.

We also carry out Free Bi-Annual week long Training of technicians about agribusiness-equipment installation, repair and maintenance services. These later offer support services to Engoho Kuku Farmer clients within their region. In addition, they gain skills and experience that enable them earn a living by selling, installation, repair and maintenance of agribusiness-equipment and machinery.

Internships, Attachment and Placement

Engoho Kuku Farmer in collaboration with training institutions gives opportunities to college students and fresh graduates to gain practical experience through internships and attachments. The fresh graduates are usually recommended for employment whenever a potential employer comes along. Only the competent and disciplined graduates are recommended. Employers interested in competent employees are welcome contact us.