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Poultry cages

Our cages are made of high-quality galvanized wire. The cubicles have been made big enough to avoid cage fatigue, a condition characterized by paralysis of legs due to low calcium levels.


  • Capacity: 128 hens

  • A type cage with 4 tiers

  • stocking: 4 hens per cubicle

  • Free delivery, installation and after sales support

PRICE: KSH 36,000

Advantages of Using Chicken Cages
  1. ​The Battery cage system preserves the birds’ energy for important body processes like metabolism and production.

  2. The birds are not in contact with their stool and so hygiene is maintained and diseases like coccidiosis, fowl typhoid, egg peritonitis, necrotic enteritis, etc. are easily controlled.

  3. The Battery cage system has an automatic watering system. This ensures constant availability of water and reduced spillage thus no caking of litter and moldiness. This reduces the predisposition to diseases and ammonia overload.

  4. Management and record keeping is easy as the farmer is able to distinguish the layers from non-layers easily, counting the birds is easy and sick birds are easily recognized and isolated.

  5. The cage system optimally utilizes space and holds more than twice the number under the deep litter.

  6. The cages can be used again and again in the subsequent flocks so it’s an asset.

  7. Cages make litter removal is easy and saves a lot of time.

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