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The main factors that affect the incubation process are: temperature, humidity, ventilation, position, and turning of the eggs.

The factors to consider before buying an incubator are:

1) Egg capacity. An incubator produces better results when operating at capacity.

2) Incubator lifespan: How long the incubator will last and cost of all replaceable parts helps one ascertain the expected cost of maintaining the incubator and or project viability

3) After sales service and availability of parts. Ensure the seller knows about servicing of incubators and has stock other incubator spare parts

4) Accuracy of controls. Buy the most accurate incubator to keep temperature and humidity fluctuations to a minimum.

5) Labour demand. The amount of labour involved in operating the machine and carrying out a thorough sanitation program. The fully automatic incubators with the self-disinfecting UV lamps are the most recommended.

6) The warranty. Buy incubators with a long service warranty

7) Hatching space. Buy an incubator with a hatcher space of at least 1/3 of the egg capacity to ensure better control of the hatching duration.

8. Ability to preserve heat during a power blackout. Buy an incubator that keeps warm temperatures for long to avoid cold and hot sports within the incubator.

9) Power back up. Buy an adequate size power back up like a generator or battery before setting eggs

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