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Chicken Poultry Feather Plucker

Chicken Poultry Feather Plucker

Chicken feather pluckers have revolutionized the small scale poultry processing industry, offering unparalleled efficiency, improved hygiene, and cost-effective solutions. Their ability to automate the plucking process not only saves time and labor but also ensures higher-quality poultry products that meet the stringent standards of modern consumers. Embracing these innovative technologies marks a significant leap forward for poultry farmers and processors, facilitating smoother operations and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable poultry industry.

Voltage: 240V AC

Efficient Defeathering:

Power: 1500W;

Motor Speed: 275 RPM;

Tub's Diameter: 20";

Capacity: 2-4 Chickens a Time;

Barrel Thickness: 0.02";

Panels Thickness 0.01".

The chicken plucker can finish de-feathering in 10-30 seconds.

Material: The chicken plucking machine is made of high-quality stainless steel. Features excellent water resistance and rust resistance for long-term use.

It comes with 106 rubber fingers that can naturally and gently clean feathers and dirt from the skin of birds.

Convenient Operation: Just grab a garden hose, turn on the feather plucker, add 1- 5 chicken, spray water into the drum, and a few seconds later you will get a perfectly plucked chicken. The water-proof switch is designed for easy and secure use.

The compact construction ensures easy storage and effortless cleaning.

Versatile Usage: The chicken plucker machine is suitable for the farming industry or even in an abattoir business. It is ideal for plucking chickens, ducks, turkeys, Bantam chickens, guinea fowls, etc.

Title: "Efficiency Unplucked: Exploring the Benefits of Chicken Feather Pluckers in Poultry Farming"

In the realm of poultry processing, the utilization of chicken feather pluckers stands as a game-changing innovation, streamlining the arduous task of feather removal with unmatched efficiency. These pluckers, whether manual or automatic, offer a myriad of benefits that redefine the landscape of poultry processing while enhancing productivity and operational ease for farmers and processors alike.

The Significance of Chicken Feather Pluckers

1. Enhanced Efficiency and Time Savings

Chicken feather pluckers automate the labor-intensive process of feather removal, significantly reducing processing time. Whether operating on a small-scale or in large processing facilities, these machines ensure swift and thorough plucking, optimizing production efficiency.

2. Improved Hygiene and Quality Standards

Manual plucking often leads to incomplete feather removal, risking contamination and compromising product quality. Feather pluckers, with their precision and thoroughness, ensure a cleaner and more hygienic final product, meeting stringent quality standards demanded by consumers and regulatory authorities.

3. Labor Reduction and Cost Savings

By automating the plucking process, chicken feather pluckers alleviate the need for extensive manual labor. This reduction in labor requirements not only saves costs but also allows skilled workers to focus on more intricate aspects of poultry processing.

4. Minimized Damage to the Bird's Skin

Feather pluckers are designed to efficiently remove feathers while minimizing damage to the bird's skin. This careful handling preserves the integrity of the poultry product, resulting in higher-quality meat.

Best Practices in Using Chicken Feather Pluckers

Proper Maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the plucking equipment ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

Correct Operation: Properly adjusting settings and following manufacturer guidelines guarantee efficient and safe operation.

Quality Control Checks: Conducting periodic quality checks on plucked birds ensures adherence to quality standards and minimizes defects.

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    Ksh65,000.00Sale Price
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